Jarlam Electrics offer extensive electrical design, manufacture & installation of main switchboards, distribution boards and mains cabling. Our extensive experience in sensitive industries enables Jarlam Electrics to maintain the highest standards required within the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.

The team at Jarlam Electrics offer a wide range of services to ensure your site electrical infrastructure is up to date. Follow the links below for more extensive information on our capabilities.

Main Switchboard and Distribution Board Upgrades

Jarlam Electrics provide all site power upgrade requirements. This includes design, manufacture, and installation, where necessary.

Main Distribution Board

Jarlam Electrics provide SLDs (Single Line Diagrams) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) panel layouts for pre-approval for bespoke main distribution board upgrades.

Mains and Submains Cabling

With the knowledge to assist in all large-scale cable calculations and installations, Jarlam Electrics provide the most cost-efficient solution. From cable sizing, types of cable, and containment and termination options, we work within your budget for the best possible outcome.

Power Factor Correction

Jarlam Electrics assist clients in collating NMI (National Meter Identifier) data. This allows us to design power factor correction unique for the end user, saving many thousands of dollars in energy bills. Jarlam Electrics can also provide an estimated pay back period as a part of the valued service to our customers and clients.

Electrical Project Management

Jarlam Electrics can provide if requested, a dedicated project manager. Our project managers are skilled to liaise with all contractors and third parties, involved in the project. Jarlam Electrics led by our project management office work in partnership with our clients to provide a seamless transition for all your power upgrades.

Our expert team is competent in working within all industries to produce the highest quality and standard of results for your business and your premises. For more information on our capabilities, explore the links above. Or contact us today to discuss your project requirements.