Jarlam Electrics offers a wide range of electrical services from general power, servicing, installations, to commissioning support.

Our industrial electricians are equipped with company vehicles and all the necessary equipment for general electrical contracting work.

Electrical Labour Hire

Jarlam Electrics is equipped to provide maintenance shift coverage or hourly rate electrical installs to keep your plant operational. Health and safety will always be our top priority, our workers specialise in electrical work that is in full compliance with rules and regulations.

Our teams understands that specialist industries require specialist skillsets, and the capability to successfully complete complex tasks. It is essential, in such scenarios that you can trust the people you hire to have the expertise to get the work completed to the highest standard. With years of experience working with in manufacturing, specialist industries, and complex projects. Jarlam Electrics is completely confident to work in partnership to get the job done.

Our team has a strong focus on hygienic solutions, thanks to our years of work in a wide range of specialist and sensitive industries, including pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing. As a result, we understand the necessity for specialist care when working within hygienic and clean room areas.

Jarlam Electrics can assist in sealed stainless steel containment solutions, perfect for wash down areas and harsh cleaning chemicals. We are fully capable of working to the strictest of industry health, and clean design requirements. Our sister company, Jarlam Australia, is also able to assist with any manufacturing needs as part of finishing your unfinished electrical work.

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Located in Bayswater just off the freeway, Jarlam Electrics can respond to client needs and provide breakdown support. We have highly experienced technicians capable of handling all your electrical, maintenance, and installation needs.

Should you be looking for the best electrical labour hire in Melbourne, contact the team at Jarlam Electrics today. With specialist training and experience in hygienic solutions, we can deliver your project to the highest industry standards.