Jarlam Electrics offer a range of specialist services to ensure a reliable,efficient and positive outcome. From PLC (programmable logic controllers) & HMI (human machine interfaces) programming, electrical design, control manufacturing, to variable speed drive installations, our team can handle your end to end projects.

Electrical control enclosures are constructed at Jarlam Electrics premises. This ensures all manufactured equipment is completed to the highest standard and signed off prior to site installation, and factory acceptance.

Jarlam Electrics is proudly qualified to assist with the following automation solutions.

Electrical Safety Upgrade

Machine safety onsite is of the highest priority throughout the industry. Jarlam Electrics can provide risk assessment analysis to determine the safety category rating of your machine.

Motor Control and Variable Speed Drive Upgrades

Variable speed drive installations are a perfect way to reduce power consumption on motors and pumps that are constantly running or frequently stopping and starting. Jarlam Electrics assist in specifying the correct VSD and undertaking the programming and installation of the VSD with confidence to you as the client.

Design Services

At Jarlam Electrics we pride ourselves on understanding our clients and customers needs, delivering the best possible advice and services. Over the years we have honed the most efficient way to tackle electrical projects. We only employ the best designers and technicians within the industry to provide the right balance of skills and knowledge for your project.

The Jarlam Electrics team are capable of handling all aspects of your project. From programming to design, to manufacturing, we have the capability to see your project through from beginning to end. We provide a dedicated project manager where required. For further information of our full capabilities, explore the information and links above. Contact our team today to discuss the specific requirements of your project and how we can help you today.