Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a globally renowned company specialising in logistics automation.
  • This company are leaders in providing data driven and robotic solutions, setting new standards in warehouse automation.

Project Overview

The automated warehousing sector has continued to grow at a rapid pace.  Driven by excellence and innovation, Jarlam was afforded the opportunity to partner with this global leader to complete the mechanical installation of new equipment.

The project involved the mechanical installation of 3 x ASRS storage and retrieval machines at an existing site in Victoria.  This site was to be fully fitted out with a complete high bay automated warehousing system.


Jarlam has extensive experience and expertise in the mechanical installation of new equipment and was engaged to complete various projects aligned to the installation of the automated warehousing system.

As with all projects, there are always challenges encountered when installing new equipment.  Challenges that need to be carefully thought through and practical, safe, and streamlined approaches identified and implemented. 

The challenge with this project was the enormity around the size of each of the 3 x vertical ASRS storage and retrieval machines, compared with the ceiling height and workable space.  At the highest point, the vertical pallet cranes stood 12 metres high with each crane weighing in at just over 9 Tonne.

As leaders in the mechanical installation of new equipment we were able to liaise with our partners to provide a safe and workable solution that included the crane chassis being installed first and the subsequent mast installed post the securing of the chassis.

Due to space constraints, the new equipment was transported into the designated staging area one by one and lifted into position using a 55-tonne electric franna. As outlined above, each of the crane pieces was then installed systematically by an extremely experienced Jarlam team to ensure the safe and successful installation of the new equipment.

Jarlam provided a full team of experienced, fabricators, fitters, and project managers to undertake the mechanical installation of the new equipment. Labour provided were extremely experienced in the mechanical installation of new equipment and come highly regarded in their respective trades with all required tickets.  Our team on site were supported by our own Jarlam workshop and our professional team of mechanical engineers.


We are extremely proud of the outcomes / results that were achieved as part of this new equipment installation project. 

Jarlam was able to work closely with our partners and the relevant stakeholders to ensure the successful, timely and complete installation of the new equipment. 

The machinery was installed in compliance with manufacturer specifications, which will be integral to the ongoing efficiency of the 3 x ASRS Storage and Retrieval machines.  We are extremely confident that because of our experience, careful and precise installation of the new equipment that the efficiency of the vertical pallet cranes will lead to optimal performance and operation of the machinery in conjunction with servicing and maintenance schedules.

We would like to congratulate our partners and thank them for their assistance and co-operation.  The end user will no doubt experience increased production levels, reduced manual handling and operational efficiencies that will continue well into the future.

We look forward to working with them on further projects. Contact Jarlam, today, for more information on our installation and fabrication services!


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