Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a globally renowned company specialising in logistics automation.
  • This company are leaders in providing data driven and robotic solutions, setting new standards in warehouse automation.

Project Overview

Driven by excellence and innovation, the automated warehousing sector has continued to grow at a rapid pace.  Having been awarded various projects across an existing site in Victoria, Jarlam was once again provided with the opportunity to showcase our expertise and professionalism, and partner with this global leader to undertake the mechanical installation of aisle equipment.

The project involved the mechanical installation of floor rails and aisle equipment for the automated warehousing project.


Given our extensive experience and expertise in the mechanical installation of new equipment, Jarlam was engaged to complete the mechanical installation of the floor rails and aisle equipment for the automated warehousing system. 

The floor rails and aisle equipment were an integral part of the project, as this section of the installation would ultimately form the foundation of the entire automated warehousing system in the high bay facility. 

The critical nature of this section meant that Jarlam had to be extremely precise with the mechanical installation of the new equipment.  With a 3mm tolerance over 98m of rail, Jarlam utilised the latest in laser technology to install the floor rail and to adjust the aisle equipment to achieve desired heights.

Throughout the process, our project team was able to be identify areas of opportunity to ensure precise and accurate marking for the drilling of holes, whilst also achieving a streamlined and effective approach.  Using fabricated jigs, Jarlam was able to precisely and accurately drill over 760 holes throughout this project.

As experts in the installation of new equipment, Jarlam was able to provide a full team of experienced fabricators, fitters and project managers that were able to work together with our partners and stakeholders to deliver a precise and successful installation of the equipment.

Backed up by our workshop team and mechanical engineers Jarlam was able to fabricate specialised items to complement the installation and to seek advise from our mechanical engineers to ensure all equipment was installed in compliance with manufacturer specifications.


What a fantastic opportunity this was for Jarlam to showcase our experience and expertise in the mechanical installation of the floor rail and aisle equipment.

In drawing from our previous experience and countless projects in the industry we were able deliver an installation that what precise, professional and completed to the highest of quality.  We are extremely confidant that in working with our partners other stakeholders that this part of the installation will provide a strong foundation for the ongoing performance and operation of the automated warehousing system well into the future.

It does go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway!  We are so proud to partner with this client to provide the end user with a fully functional automated warehousing system that will provide them with countless opportunities, as well as operational efficiencies for the ongoing success of their business.

We look forward to working with them on further projects. Contact Jarlam, today, for more information on our equipment installation services.


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