Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a leading munition disposal, demilitarisation, and hazardous goods disposal company.
  • As a market leader they are looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, and processes.

Project Overview

This project was commissioned with the clear objective of designing, fabricating and delivering a scrubber conveyor capable of replacing an existing, inoperative unit and to take this design and improve its functionality. 

The new conveyor is intended to safely ignite incendiary devices while effectively eliminating all resultant fumes, all in strict compliance with stringent governmental guidelines governing the management and treatment of such materials.


As part of the initial phase of this project our first step included our Design Engineers engaging with the customer to establish dimensions and conveyor specifications to optimise the functionality and effectiveness of the fume extraction.

Throughout the concept stage and interactions with the customer it was established that the design had to include two separate hooded sections, one for manual ignition of product and the other for automated ignition. The hooded sections required a large forward facing access area, and to be sealed via a lockable door.

It was also identified, as part of the various products processed through the scrubber conveyor, that a solution for easy cleaning was needed due to residual shrapnel and materials that remained as part of the ignition.  As such, the conveyor design included custom made pullout trays for the ease of product discard as well as retractable pull up lockable doors to provide the operator with easy access, outside of operation.

With all the design considerations, the Design Engineers were able to generate the full 3D design and present it to the customer so they could visualise the concept in real time. This process helped the end user to highlight potential improvements or issues when operating the production line.

Benefits / Outcome

This project provided our Design Engineers with an opportunity to take an old design, analyse it, identify areas of improvement, and provide design solutions to enhance the current model. 

Our Design Engineers were able to take the design to the next level by enhancing and adding additional engineering solutions to optimise functionality and efficiency for the end user.


100% Customer Satisfaction

On Budget

High Quality Workmanship