Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a leading manufacturer of building products.
  • This client specialises in building products for residential and commercial construction across Australia and New Zealand.

Project Overview

As part of our specialised engineering services, Jarlam was engaged by our client to custom design and fabricate two stainless steel product tanks. As part of the engagement, it was identified that one of the stainless-steel tanks required a customised agitator to facilitate the processing of products, while both tanks would require a Bund to ensure the tanks remained secure to prevent flooding or fluid breaches.


As part of our standard customer engagement practices, the initial phase of the project involved our Design Engineers collaborating with our client and utilising the most up to date technology to determine precise dimensions and tank specifications. This process allowed us to optimise the functionality of the tanks for operators and to consider design considerations such as accommodating external pumps and piping.

By carefully considering all these factors, our Design Engineers were able to successfully utilise the most up to date technology and conceptualise a complete 3D design of the tanks. The 3D design enabled the customer to visualise the concept in real time, providing them with a complete interactive experience.

The collaborative approach taken by our Design Engineers, proved extremely beneficial for the end user, as it allowed stakeholders to identify any potential improvements or issues that may have arisen during tank operation. This feedback was crucial in refining the design and ensuring its overall effectiveness.

Benefits / Outcome

By working collaboratively with our customer at every step, we were able to develop a design that perfectly aligned with their needs and objectives.

The collaborative approach taken ensured that the design solution created by our Design Engineers was tailored to meet / exceed customer requirements and deliver a product that met the desired outcomes.

100% Customer Satisfaction

On Budget

High Quality Workmanship