Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a global leader in the packaging and resource recovery industry with over 120 sites throughout Australasia.
  • They provide end to end solutions for their clients across the packaging and recycling sectors.
  • As a leading global company, they are focused on continual innovation across their manufacturing and logistics divisions.
  • The customer is looking at increasing their production capacity by purchasing new equipment from overseas.

Project Overview

As part of our clients continued focus on innovation, this project involved the installation of an additional manufacturing line incorporating new high-speed equipment.

This equipment was supplied from manufacturers across Europe and the USA from suppliers such as Rainer Naroska Engineering Gmbh, Clevertech S.P.A and Custom Machining Corporation.

As part of our engagement for this project, Jarlam was tasked with the complete installation and commissioning of the OEM equipment at the customers site in Victoria.


Jarlam was engaged by our client to provide a turnkey solution that involved the complete installation and commissioning of the newly purchased high speed equipment.

Given Jarlam’s extensive experience with machinery installation, combined with our previous experience on site, we were well versed with what was required and the expectations of the client. Our highly qualified project team were individually selected based on their experience, familiarity with the site and the client, as well as their expertise with installing machinery.

By having a designated Project Manager and Project Team on site we were able to work very closely with our client and successfully deliver the project on time and within budget. Our engineers were also able to utilise existing 3D technology to assist the project team with the precise positioning off machinery as well as engineering support throughout the project.

As part of our turnkey arrangement with the client we were also able to draw upon our proven and longstanding sub-contractor network to deliver the entire project in a seamless manner.

As with all projects there are always challenges encountered, but we were able to work together with the client to navigate these challenges and through careful planning provide solutions that were suitable for all stakeholders.

Benefits / Outcome

There is nothing quite like enhancing an already great relationship with a client.

We were fortunate enough to have worked with this client previously, so we were ecstatic when we were once again provided with the opportunity, to display our capabilities and further develop the relationship with the client’s project team.

We were able to provide a team on site to complete the installation efficiently and safely, with minimal impact to our customer. Given our longstanding relationship the client’s Project Engineering team they were able to focus their attention on other high pay off activities for the company without having to micromanage the machinery installation. Trust and confidence really do go a long way.

Delivered Ahead of Schedule

On Budget/Below Budget

Zero Safety Incidents

100% Customer Satisfaction