Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a leading European bakery group with over 36 bakeries in 21 countries.
  • As part of their worldwide network, this company markets its leading frozen and fresh bakery products to retail and food service markets around the world.

Project Overview

As leaders in the fabrication of quality stainless steel conveyors, Jarlam was tasked with providing an automated solution for the alignment and placement of product on allocated trays.

The challenge, to remove the manual handling component of an existing bakery production line with an automated solution to increase productivity, decrease manual intervention and accommodate various products.


As specialists in the design, fabrication, and supply of high-quality stainless-steel conveyors for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, Jarlam was engaged to provide a simple and effective design concept to assist with the automation of product placement and alignment.

As part of our design process, our team of highly experienced design engineers reviewed the existing production line and liaised with the client to identify the challenges and the ultimate end goal for the new production line. As a result of our engagement with the client and the end users, our engineers were able to compile a case study for the client that included in house testing and a design concept that would ultimately meet / exceed the requirements of our client.

With costs in mind, Jarlam proposed and ultimately delivered a solution that included 3 x new stainless-steel conveyors and the modification of 4 x existing conveyors that would operate efficiently within the new production line.

The first of 3 x new stainless steel conveyors was designed as a 180° U bend stainless steel conveyor, that would ultimately transport and position the trays in complete alignment with the product.

The second of the 3 x new stainless steel conveyors was designed with the 180° stainless steel conveyor in mind. This conveyor was designed as an incline / decline conveyor to allow for the U bend conveyor to run underneath the conveyor to align the trays with the product. This conveyor was also designed with a tight radius to avoid any displacement of the product when transitioning on to the trays.

The third of 3 x new stainless steel conveyors was designed as a multifunctional straight conveyor. This conveyor was designed to improve the functionality of the line to accommodate various products across the production line and to facilitate the ever-growing needs of our client. This conveyor would simply push in and replace the other 2 x conveyors which would simply roll out and be replaced whenever production warranted the change for the various products.

As part of the design, fabrication, and supply process, Jarlam provided high-quality stainless-steel conveyors, with custom designed hygienic 5mm side plates with quality workmanship. These conveyors were installed by our Jarlam team on site where the existing conveyors were modified to work within the existing layout. Our highly experienced site team were then able to commission the production line to ensure all conveyors were operating efficiently and were operating as per our design engineers’ expectations.

Benefits / Outcome

This really was a fantastic project to be a part off and we appreciate the opportunity to showcase Jarlams complete turnkey solution.

Our team was able to work together to design, fabricate and install a complete, fully functional production line that exceeded customer expectations. The end result, a multifunctional and versatile production line that allowed for the production of various products, reduced the need for manual intervention, which ultimately increase productivity and ensured our client met / exceeded the expected KPI’s.

This job was completed within tight deadlines and came in on budget and with 100% satisfaction from our customers.


High Quality Workmanship

100 % Customer Satisfaction

On Budget