Client Background

  • Our client for this project, is a privately owned Australian company with 40 years’ experience in food manufacturing.
  • Focused on providing great quality products for Australian and internationally recognised businesses, this company continues to flourish and further cement its position within the food manufacturing industry.

Project Overview

This project involved the mechanical installation of a new moulding line, imported directly from Germany.

As experts in equipment installation, Jarlam was engaged to complete the mechanical installation and commissioning of the new moulding line equipment.


Jarlam was engaged by our client to undertake the mechanical installation and commissioning of a newly imported moulding line at their existing facility in Cheltenham.

With challenges around soaring demand and limited supply of OEM technicians, Jarlam was engaged to undertake the mechanical installation and commissioning of the new equipment on behalf of the German manufacturers.

As far as challenges go, this project certainly had its fair share. With limited information and drawings from the OEM manufacturers, Jarlam had to rely on the experience of its team members and their ability to piece together the limited information provided. Together with our design engineers, our project team were able to adapt layouts to match actual site conditions and provide further assistance and recommendations with design installation.

In conjunction with our specialised moving equipment, our team were able to navigate tight spaces and uneven surfaces to move equipment safely and effectively into place and level all equipment as required. Jarlam was also able to modify existing equipment on site to ensure the successful integration of the new moulding line with the existing equipment.

Throughout the project, our Jarlam team was able to work with stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption to surrounding production.

Benefits / Outcome

The successful installation of the new moulding line equipment for this client, is a great example of how well versed and accustomed Jarlam has become to installing new equipment.

With limited information and a lot of foresight, Jarlam was able to liaise with OEM suppliers when needed and successfully undertake the mechanical installation and commissioning that previously required OEM technicians.

The moulding line installation has improved production, removed the need for manual intervention and ultimately resulted in an overall increase in productivity.

We have no doubt, that the newly installed equipment will serve our clients for many years to come.

On Time

On Budget

Customer Satisfaction

Zero Safety Incidents