Client Background

• Our client for this project has a unique Australian history, that started in the Australian dairy market in the 1850’s.
• Whilst initially capitalising on Australian dairy products, this company has now expanded its manufacturing portfolio to include the distribution of Australia’s most iconic and loved food brands and products.

Project Overview

As leaders in stainless steel fabrication and equipment installation, Jarlam were engaged by our client to design and fabricate transfer conveyors and to install recently purchased OEM equipment.

Driven by excellence, efficiency, and innovation, the new production line was introduced by our client to manufacture a new product line to meet customer demand and to fill an existing gap within the market.


As part our engagement on this project, our design engineers were assigned the task of undertaking product testing and feasibility studies to assist with the design process and seamless integration of the conveyors with the OEM equipment.

As part of the testing phase, our design engineers engaged with our client to gain an in depth understanding of the production line and end user requirements. In this case the most cost effective, simple and efficient solution was identified as the way forward. Put simply, the solution involved identifying the correct height for product transfer and a reliance on gravity to take care of the rest. Testing Phase – Solution – Tick!

With the solution identified, our design engineers were then able to use their existing design library to quickly and efficiently produce GA’s and fabrication drawings for 2 stainless steel transfer conveyors. Our client was able to view the design utilising 3D AutoCAD technology, which assisted in simplifying the sign-off and approval process.

The fabrication drawings were then provided to our stainless steel fabricators in the Jarlam workshop to bring the solution to life. Our highly skilled stainless steel fabricators were able to produce a high quality, hygienic and sturdy conveyor that will ultimately serve our client well for many years to come.

Upon completion of the stainless steel fabrication, our highly experienced site team were then charged with the installation of the OEM equipment, as well as the successful installation and integration of the 2 stainless steel transfer conveyors. As part of the equipment installation process our Jarlam site team modified existing equipment, removed redundant equipment, and fabricated mechanical guards to assist in the safe and efficient operation of the machinery.

Benefits / Outcome

We were extremely fortunate to be provided with the opportunity to work with this client and showcase our capabilities and high standards in stainless steel fabrication and equipment installation.
All in all, from start to finish we were able to provide a simple, cost effective design solution, a high quality product and then a highly experienced team to ensure the successful installation of a new production line.
As a result of the design and equipment installation, our customer is now offering a new product line to meet customer demand, labour efficiency and safety standards have increased, and our customer is seeing an overall reduction in down time.
We really enjoy getting to meet new clients and we certainly look forward to growing our relationship with them in the future.

Delivered On Time

Customer 100% Satisfied

Safety Upgrade

Automation Achieved