Client Background

  • Our client for this project is a leading Australian owned manufacturer of furnaces and industrial ovens.
  • As part of their worldwide network, this Australian company has become specialist in the design, manufacture, and implementation of bespoke equipment for specific heating requirements.


Project Overview

As leaders in stainless steel fabrication, Jarlam was engaged by this client to fabricate and manufacture the main wash drum for a bespoke bullet washing system.

As part of our engagement with the client, Jarlam was chosen specifically because of our proven track record in providing high-quality stainless-steel fabrication and manufacture.


Given our extensive experience and expertise in the fabrication of high-quality stainless-steel equipment, Jarlam was tasked with the fabrication of a Wash Drum. This Wash Drum would ultimately act as the centralised component for passing bullets through a heated acid bath, lubrication, and drying phase.

As part of our pre-fabrication review, our team of specialised stainless-steel fabricators, in conjunction with our design engineers, reviewed the fabrication drawings to ensure the most effective and efficient fabrication process was adopted. As part of the review process, it was identified that the internal flights of the Wash Drum could not be manufactured as 1 piece, and as a result Jarlam designed and fabricated a Jig to assist with accuracy of each internal flight.

The Wash Drum itself presented many challenges along the way, in particular because of the obstacles that arise with the fabrication of exotic 2205 stainless steel. This particular exotic 2205 stainless steel behaves very differently to 304ss and 316ss and it was vital that the internal flights of the Wash Drum were accurate and then precisely welded to the expanded punched 2205.

Adding to the complexity of the fabrication of the Wash Drum, were the 4 internal angles that ran the entire length of the drum. These angles were ultimately designed to aid in the stability of the Wash Drum and it was important that the flights were in 1 piece. The flight manufacturers were unable to provide the internal flights in 1 piece and as such Jarlam were tasked with welding the flights together whilst maintaining an accurate diameter to fit neatly into the drum. This particular part of the of the fabrication process was the most difficult because it was imperative that each intersection of flights were notched accurately to house all the internal angles. Ultimately it was Jarlam’s decision to keep the internal angles in 1 piece and to notch the flights, a suggestion that our customer really liked and ultimately led to a better finish on the job.

As part of the stainless-steel fabrication process, all welds were completed to the highest of standard, tolerances were adhered to, and all edges of the drum were fully deburred to ensure no friction on the bullet casings as they passed through the process.

Throughout the fabrication process our specialised team of stainless-steel fabricators and design engineers, fully engaged with our client, to seek feedback and address any concerns as the fabrication of the Wash Drum progressed. The result, a very happy client, and a high-quality durable and precise piece of stainless-steel equipment.

Benefits / Outcome

What a fantastic opportunity this was for Jarlam to showcase our experience and expertise in the fabrication of stainless-steel equipment.

Our team of stainless-steel fabricators were able to use their skills and years of experience to fabricate this large piece of equipment in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The result a long-lasting, durable, and highly effective piece of stainless-steel equipment that will be utilised by our customer for many years to come.

As a team, Jarlam really enjoyed this challenge, and we look forward to partnering with our client on many more of these Wash Drums and further bespoke stainless-steel equipment in the future.


High Quality Workmanship

100 % Customer Satisfaction

On Time