Client Background

  • This customer is an internationally renowned food producer that specialises in baked goods.
  • As a business focused on the production of highly specialised baked goods, our friends across the Tasman are currently taking their homeland by storm.

Project Overview

The customers primary aim of the project was to increase production capacity through the installation of a new line.

As part of the project scope Jarlam was engaged to design and manufacture conveyors to transfer product between the different stages of the products production cycle. The varying production cycles under consideration were proofing, icing, drizzling, strewing, cooking, and cooling.


As part of our customer engagement process our engineers utilised 3D CAD technology to provide the customer with a more detailed design layout to enable the customer to visualise the overall design.

As part of the design process our engineers liaised with the company stakeholder to gain an understanding of the product and determine the requirements and functionality for each of the conveyors. Through gaining this understanding we were able to move from a basic concept to a fully functional production line design very quickly, that not only would increase productivity but would also provide safer operations and subsequently improved profitability. Using innovative conveyor technology, we were able to identify some challenges that hadn’t been raised previously and were able to provide subsequent solutions to meet the requirements of the conveyor systems.

Throughout the design process, varying needs/requirements for each conveyor were identified and resulted in various forms / types of conveyors to meet functionality requirements. Some of the varying characteristics of each of the conveyors included, dividers, dual lane guide rails, polychord, incline and a reducing length conveyor.

The design was then brought to life in our workshop, which involved meticulous machining and quality stainless steel fabrication, with all conveyors QA’d and FAT’d prior to despatch from our workshop.

Benefits / Outcome

This was such a fantastic project and certainly challenged our engineers to find new and exciting ways to exceed customer expectations.

The new production line has allowed the customer to increase productivity, safety standards as well and the overall hygiene of the production line. As a result, downtime for maintenance and cleaning has been minimised and the overall automation has resulted in increased production volumes and better quality.

We look forward to collaborating with the customer again as we look to broaden our international relationships.


High Quality Workmanship

Increased Productivity

Delivered On Time