Jarlam was proud to have undertaken the General Mills factory relocation from Mount Waverley Vic to Rooty Hill NSW. This involved the relocation of four large process lines, as well as miscellaneous equipment, silos, scrapping, fabrication, installation, and make good. As the main contractor, Jarlam facilitated and managed the numerous trades required to ensure a smooth process, including cranage and transport.

Project and General Management

Jarlam was responsible for the facilitation and management of the numerous trades for the relocation. Jarlam not only supplied a dedicated project manager, but also a general manager. The role of the general manager was to choose sub-contractors in order to incorporate a turn-key project.

Our dedicated project manager worked alongside the general manager and GRG to facilitate and organise all timelines, sub-contractors, hire equipment, transport and all OH&S requirements. This included lifting plans, traffic management and job safety analysis.

Jarlam’s project manager was also part of all FMEA meetings, as well as relocation plans, production timelines and Gantt charts.

Relocating Process Lines

Relocating the General Mills/Latina Pasta process lines involved thorough planning and implementation processes as the remainder of the large process lines were still in production. Jarlam’s first step was to document, photograph and label each process line in order to capture all components and equipment. This allowed us to determine which parts of the line required modifications and pre-fabrication prior to relocation, as well as reinstallation as other lines were running Jarlam installed hygienic plastic curtains to ensure no contamination to lines still in production.

Removal and Relocation Process for General Mills

Through the General Mills factory relocation process, Jarlam dismantled, removed, relocated and installed vital equipment for the General Mills processing lines. We removed all electrical and service droppers for the lines, as well as dismantling and relocating the process kitchen.

Jarlam removed packaging and line equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Thompson Mixer and Platform
  • Viking Mixer and Platform
  • Accumulation Conveyors
  • Bins and Tipper
  • Blanchers and Associated Equipment
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Calibrators
  • Canola Oil System
  • Case Packer
  • Cheese/Butter Vac Lifter and Roller Platform
  • Conveyors
  • Crumb and Cheese Tipping and Discharge Weighing System
  • Dryer and Chiller
  • Dust Collector
  • Feed and Accumulation Conveyors
  • Film Waste Drum
  • Flour Fill Hoppers
  • Lasagne Sheet Folding and Associated Equipment
  • Mixers
  • Multi Head Weigher
  • Multivac And Associated Equipment
  • Packaging Conveyors and Associated Equipment
  • Pasta Dough Shuttle, Sheeters and Formers
  • Quality Control Items
  • Redundant Recovery Box
  • Scales
  • Switchboards
  • Vac Pumps
  • Versycrumb Bulk Bag Station
  • Vibro Feed
  • Weigh Head

Jarlam reinstalled equipment per the layout supplied by General Mills.

Removal, Modification and Relocation of Mount Waverley Factory Components

As part of the relocation process Jarlam was responsible for modifying process platforms (and stairs, where required) to suit the new layout at Rooty Hill NSW. These were relocated and re-welded to food safety standards. The process also involved the removal and reinstallation of stacks and Vac Fans from the roof space.

As part of the relocation of Line Two, Jarlam removed the Day Bin from the roof and relocated it along with 100 metres of associated pipework and gas/hot water service located on roof.

Finally, Jarlam ensured the Prep Blancher and Platform were relocated and reinstalled, with a support frame for transport.

Silo Relocation for General Mills

The Jarlam team ensured a smooth transition by providing lifting and traffic plans for both lifts at Mount Waverley and Rooty Hill. This involved removing sheeting, ladders and other items for transport. Ladders, cladding and associated switchboards were then reassembled by Jarlam at Rooty Hill. Where possible, Jarlam reused line ducting and fittings as well as installing approx. 200 meters bulk handling line.

Boiler Room Relocation

As well as silo relocation for General Mills, Jarlam relocated the existing boiler room. This involved removing and relocating stack, platform and supply pipework. We also made modifications to the platform to suit the new factory layout. Jarlam ensured the reconnection of gas and steam, as well as the final positioning of the boiler at Rooty Hill NSW.

Relocate Air Compressors

As part of the relocation process for General Mills, Jarlam ensured the safe removal and reinstallation of factory air compressors. This involved the dismantling of the L45 compressor, dryer and receiver tank. Re-usable piping, where appropriate, was also removed and the compressors, dryer, receiver tank were installed as per existing layout. Installed new compressed air ring main at Rooty Hill NSW.

Mount Waverley Make Good

Jarlam also provided site clean-up and make good for the Mount Waverley site. This included providing scrap trucks and scrap bins for all redundant equipment from the site. Part of the relocation process involved covering the make good of roof and wall penetrations for items relocated to Rooty Hill. Ceiling penetrations were patched on both sides of EPS ceiling and/or were foam filled. Further, internal ceiling penetrations completed after each line removal to minimise exposure to other production lines.

All roof works were completed by a qualified plumber, to the highest Australian standards. And, all dyna bolts and floor fasteners were removed to avoid trip hazards.

Jarlam ensured the removal and scrapping of equipment where required. Our team also removed any other redundant services in the Mount Waverley ceiling. Finally, we ensured the site was left clean and as close to original condition as possible.

Installation and Fabrication at Rooty Hill for General Mills

As part of the General Mills Barramundi project, Jarlam was asked not only to modify and install equipment to fit the new Rooty Hill factory, but also fabricate components and equipment for the new site. General Mills required full hygienic stainless-steel construction to conform to current AS Standards.

Modifications Made for General Mills Relocation

Due to uneven floor levels, modifications to equipment were required to ensure safe installation and use of equipment. As well as modifying equipment for floor levels, Jarlam provided modifications for existing stairs to suit the new Rooty Hill factory layout.

Jarlam also installed a new Bucket Elevator as well as cutting and relocating the platform with Multi-Head Weigher and associated equipment.


Fabrication for General Mills

Fabrication is what Jarlam does best. As a result, General Mills required several pieces of custom fabrication.

Stainless steel Platforms and walkways were hygienically designed and fabricated to replace the existing mild steel/galvanised structure. Platforms included tread decks, handrails, kick rails, and access stairs that conformed to current AS Standards as well as the layout supplied by General Mills.

Jarlam also designed and fabricated two 90-degree Intralox Buffer Feed Conveyors to be supported from walkways. The design included a decline option for better transfer of product. Our conveyor design includes series 2400 Intralox belt, 5mm 304 s/s sides, SEW drives, isolators and e-stops. Further, conveyors fabricated for General Mills included drip trays underneath and drainage pipes complete with unions to inspect and clean these were installed at Rooty Hill NSW prior to any equipment being relocated.

Design and Engineering

Jarlam was also called on to design, engineer and certify components for Rooty Hill. This included:

  • 1 x dual Weigh Head Platform to replace existing Platform at MW
  • 1 off Vac Pump Platform
  • 2 x 90-degree Walkway Platforms to access Buffer Feed Conveyors as per layout supplied
  • 1 off extension to Line 3 Process Platform
  • 6 off Pass throughs
  • 1 off support Platform to house Day Bin, including ladder access

Jarlam suppled GA drawings to General Mills for approval prior to fabrication. These were stainless steel hygienic designs, with tread decks, handrails and kick rails as required. Further, all designs conformed with current AS Standards.

Installation for General Mills

Finally, Jarlam installed existing equipment, new equipment and services at Rooty Hill, both in the new plant and in the roof. All ceiling penetrations required ceiling plates, both in roof and production area. Jarlam and General Mills agreed to have all cables coiled in ceiling leaving approx. 6 metres of cable above equipment run though droppers on equipment installation. This was completed prior to moving equipment. Finally, ceilings and plates were silicone sealed as per Food Safe Standards.

All works and services undertaken by Jarlam, as part of the General Mills relocation project, were undertaken by experienced tradesmen> Jarlam has 3 teams working around the clock shifts to meet the required lead times, to ensure production could commence on time. All staff were licensed to carry out specified tasks including the use of forklifts and elevated work Platforms. Further, all licences for Jarlam staff or sub-contractors were supplied.

All works followed JSA/SWMS regarding activity, risk, hazard, control and isolation procedures for all works/services.

As a part of the General Mills factory relocation, Jarlam ensured all works adhered to Australian Standards, Federal & State Statue, Regulations & current industry safe practice.

Jarlam would like to thank both General Mills and GRG for the support during the Barramundi Project. Jarlam delivered this project safely, on time and within budget.

For more information about our factory relocation services, please contact Jarlam’s experienced team today!