Allied Pinnacle – Brendale Spiral

Allied Pinnacle Brendale Spiral Decommission Project

In 2017, Jarlam Australia assisted Allied Pinnacle with a decommission of a site in Queensland.

Allied Pinnacle – Brendale Spiral Decommission: Project and General Management

This project required demolition of some of the existing equipment. Jarlam contracted this out to Caylamax Demolitions. A QLD based company in the area.

This project had a dedicated full time project manager who [temporarily] moved to Queensland [for the duration of the project].

This manager was in charge of all organising all site meetings and associated travel (prior to the move up there), and discussing the project with the client. They were also in charge of preparing the site for decommission and preparing asset lists for the client. 

The project manager also had to run the site and coordinate with tradesmen from the electrical and refrigeration industry.

Items listed in the GANTT Chart:

  • Preparation
  • Spiral
  • Spiral Ammonia
  • 2 x Fryer
  • Spiral Outfeed conveyor
  • Aux kit
  • Packaging
  • Blast chiller fan unit
  • Rack proofer
  • Vertical proofer
  • Freezer compressor
  • Crane items 
  • Fryer hood and items on roof

Allied Pinnacle – Brendale Spiral Decommission: Fabrication

The equipment that was included in this project consist of:

  • Pressure Cutters for Krispy Crème
  • Proofer trays
  • Rheon kornicopia 550N
  • A Spiral Freezer
  • A Spiral Freezing System
  • A deep fryer oil holding tank
  • Rheon Packing
  • 1 X Cabero CH4C2/35-1
  • Condensing Unit AP5.7M2-4
  • R404a. EVAP #4 Dispatch Corridor
  • 1 X Buffalo Trident BRLE088
  • AP10.1LZ Condensing unit
  • R404a EVAP #2 New ingredient Store
  • 1X Buffalo Trident BRLE088
  • AP10.1LZ Condensing unit
  • R404a EVAP #1 Roll Packing
  • 1X Buffalo Trident BRLE088
  • AR8.8-24 Condensing Unit
  • R404a EVAP #3
  • Rheon Production Area
  • 2X Bufflo Trident BR164 MISC
  • Condensing units
  • 2X AP22. OM2-TAGD
  • R22 EVAPS #5&6 (One EVAP per Condensing unit.)
  • Bulk Ingredients store
  • 2X Buffalo Trident BRO75 MISC
  • Condensing unit AP22. OM2-TAGD.
  • R22 EVAPS #8&9
  • Existing cool room
  • 1x Actrol PS Series PSIN095 EVAP
  • Condensing unit AP5.7M2-4
  • R404a EVAP#7