Community Chef – Regional Kitchens

How time fly’s…. Congratulations Community Chef still going strong delivering over 6,000 high quality meals per day. 10 years ago Jarlam had the pleasure of fabricating and installing this great government led initiative for this world class food production facility. Fantastic effort Community Chef for providing this great service to the elderly, frail, disadvantaged along with hospitals and aged care facilities for the last 10 years.

Which Type of Conveyor is Best For Me?

With the high pressure demands of modern manufacturing there comes an almost endless amount of conveyor configurations available on the market today. Many factors contribute to correct conveyor selection for different products along with temperature sources, heating, cooling etc. Some factors include, life span, belt selection, which drive is going to be suitable, which controller? Is a generic off the shelf conveyor going to be suitable to your application and work in with your associated equipment? Do you require a mechanically designed purpose conveyor fabricated to suit your requirements? The conveyor options and configurations are endless!

We find that many of our clients ask the following questions; Can we modify an existing conveyor, or do we need a new system?

Some of the considerations when weighing up your decision on new design versus modifications to existing.

Is the existing conveyor suitable for new/existing purpose?

Does the conveyor provide you the volume output of production?

Belt suitability for your application? Modular belt or PU Belt?

Will the drive or belt need to be replaced?

Does existing conveyor meet current hygiene and Australian Safety Standards?

We can provide a skilled trades person to visit your production/manufacturing site and conduct a conveyor audit to ensure its meeting the necessary Australian Safety requirements along with performance output requirements? By establishing this we can assist with modifications or design and manufacture a new conveyor system based around those findings.

Whether you have new products or change of line equipment we can assist with conceptual design, mechanical drawings and when suited 3D drawings to provide complete line overview.

Below is a list of conveyors Jarlam provides along with the industry and uses:

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors:
Confectionery and Bakery, primarily products that are coated (Chocolate, sprinkles, coconut flakes). Mesh belt conveyors allows the product to be enrobed by the coating, allowing excess to fall through and then be reused to save on product wastage.

Plastic Modular Belt:
Modular belt conveyors are a versatile conveyor widely used in the Pharmaceutical, Meat Processing, Industrial Bakeries, Snack & Confectionery. Modular style conveyors can be utilised in most production line areas, from processing to packaging.

Multi-Directional Conveyors:
Multi-Directional/Conveyors have rollers that extend above or below the belt surface. These rollers/wheels are positioned at an angle in relation to the direction the belt travels. They are used within the packaging process lines.

Flighted/Incline Conveyors:
Incline conveyors are through all industries. Bakery, confectionery, food, Beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging. Incline conveyors are used to move food/pharmaceutical products between elevations.

Spiral & Vertical Conveyors:
Industries utilize Spiral conveyors to accumulate/stage /cool products within a confined space. Spirals are heavily used with-in the food and confectionery industries.

There are many conveyor configurations for all types of applications, give the team at Jarlam a call today to discuss the best options for your applications 03 9762 6833.

Processing Plant Machinery Relocation

As your business demands change there often comes a time when the layout of your production facilities no longer meets your requirements.

Relocating equipment can be as simple as moving a basic conveyor or processing bench or as complex as an entire food processing plant relocation. At Jarlam our team of specialists can assist you with every aspect of your processing plant machinery relocation. From budgeting, planning and design, through to our experienced trades people that will ensure your project is completed to the highest standards on time and within budget.

Thinking of changing things up? We understand that you have a vision of what it is you are trying to achieve, but the pathway is not always so obvious. With our experience, Jarlam offers solutions and support you need to make your vision a reality.

Keys to a successful processing plant machinery relocation:

The Vision

The first step in any project is recognising that change is needed. As a result, it is important to have a clear idea of what the end goal is.

The Budget

Key to any project is budgeting. Jarlam also works with you to establish a pathway to successfully meet your goals within your budget


Jarlam also understands that planning a project goes beyond what equipment and where to position it. There are production schedules, safety logistics, tools and machinery to mention a few considerations. As a result, Jarlam works with you to come up with the most effective plan to have your project completed with the minimum disturbance to your site and food processing production.


processin plant machinery relocation

Here at Jarlam we pride ourselves on having highly skilled and well-resourced staff. Our tradespeople turn up on time with all equipment required to complete the task. Jarlam professionals have experience working in many environments, particularly food and pharmaceutical. Our team are willing to follow your rules. They will act professionally and complete all work to required standards. Upon completion of tasks they will clean up.


Any machine that needs relocating will also require commissioning. This could be as simple as plugging it in and turning it on or as complex as fully integrated food processing, production and packaging lines. At Jarlam we are able to provide all necessary expertise.

Ongoing Support

Jarlam also understands that production lines are made up of complex pieces of machinery that require ongoing repairs and maintenance. We have a professional team of qualified trades available to perform all your maintenance needs with the support of full machine shop facilities located in Bayswater Victoria.

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