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Beginning as a stainless steel fabrication and manufacturing business in 2005, a partnership was created in 2010 and directors Jim Hamilton and Justin Merton formed Jarlam. Located in Melbourne as a fully owned Australian business, today Jarlam employs over 30 staff and is a market-leader in the steel fabrication, conveyor systems, and machinery relocation industries.


Jarlam are experts in the fabrication of custom stainless steel conveyor systems for many industries, specialising in enhancing operating systems for the food, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. Our fabrication, installation, relocation, maintenance, and modification services can help businesses achieve practical and reliable conveyor solutions in Melbourne and across Australia.

Machinery Relocation

Jarlam is known as an industry-leader for complete factory and machinery relocations across Melbourne and all of Australia. With extensive experience and full workshop capabilities, Jarlam can assist with the removal of heavy machinery, relocation, and installation, while addressing any urgent fabrication needs to ensure your existing machinery suits your new environment seamlessly.

Steel Fabrication

Jarlam’s experienced staff are renowned as quality stainless steel fabricators, able to deliver even the most complex fabrication designs across a wide range of industries. From conveyor systems to general fabrication needs, Jarlam can achieve custom fabrication designs, and even modify or refurbish existing equipment to improve production and safety.

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